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7 Important Things to Consider in Planning Your Outdoor Adventure in New York

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COVID 19: 7 Important Things to Consider in Planning Your Outdoor Adventure in New York

Written by Neil Kleise of Trip101


So, you were looking forward to your trip this spring into the great outdoors of New York State? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know by now that there’s either been serious disruption to your trip, or it’s been completely cancelled. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue planning it for after the pandemic is over… After all,  Summer is still a month away, and the fall leaves are spectacular in New York!

In this post, we’ll take a look at seven things you should consider if you’re still planning an outdoor adventure in New York. Whether it’s right now, in a few months’ time, or it’s just an idea in your head! Let’s take a closer look at how to make the most of it.


Activities have been cancelled


First of all, we should get some housekeeping out of the way. Across the state, many activities have been cancelled due to Coronavirus. This means that if you choose to travel imminently, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to enjoy everything you’d usually expect from a trip to New York State.

Restaurants are closed, bars aren’t open, and guided outdoor activities are on hold. Also, unless you have you own transport, train and bus services have been heavily reduced. Although it’s frustrating, for many businesses guests’ and employees’ health is paramount. It’s not to say that if you travel right now you won’t have a good time, but you should be prepared to forego some, if not all of the activities you were looking forward to.

You can always come back later in the year and enjoy the majestic beauty of the Adirondacks and the Hudson River!

New York is huge… you can get away from it all


However, accommodation will most likely be trickier to find than usual. That may be less of a  a problem if you have an RV or a camper though. New York is a beautiful and picturesque state, and you’re still able to enjoy hiking and biking. Just remember to maintain social distancing while out and about, and if you do have any symptoms of COVID-19 which develop during your trip, remain in your accommodation until the quarantine period is over.


There us still hope for the Summers and Fall is a great time to go rafting


Spring’s Big Water on the Black River and Moose River’s ultimate white-water rafting are off the cards for 2020. Thanks, Coronavirus! If the virus rate continues to decline, you may still be  able to enjoy the warm waters during summer. We are developing programs to maximize social isolation between groups as well as policies to sanitize all equipment and spaces between use.  We also have are allowing reservations with no deposit required until we resume trips. This enables you to lock in a key trip date with no financial risk.

Fall however, is still far away, so just imagine the thought of going rafting underneath the red, orange, and yellow leaves as the seasons just change! Give yourself something to look forward to by booking an outdoor adventure in New York in September or October this year. Hopefully, the worst of the pandemic will be over, and a sense of normality will resume!


Right now, you’re spending a lot of time indoors…


At the moment, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time indoors – which isn’t ideal. Being outside and surrounded by nature is great for both our mental and physical health. So, although you can’t do that now, having something in your diary for a few months down the line will mean it’s easier to get out and about then. If you’re not able to keep up your usual workout routine now, rafting and zip-lining (as well as a host of other outdoor activities) will work long-dormant muscles that you haven’t used during your time indoors!


Staff are working from home


At a time when you don’t know if your activities are going to go ahead or when you’re going to get to be reschedule, it’s only natural to want to talk to someone over the phone. However, remember that staff are working from home and are trying their best to re-schedule and make new bookings to suit everyone. It’s a hard time for them too! Even though staff are working from home, that doesn’t mean they’re available 24/7. If you need to call a company, do it in their normal operating hours so you have the best chance of them answering the phone.


You can still make reservations


Happily, staff working from home on the reservations line means that you can still call and either re-schedule existing bookings or make new ones. You can still make reservations from May 23 to October, and the good news is you won’t need to pay a deposit to secure your place on a trip. So, you’ll have something to look forward to once the pandemic is over, and you won’t be out of pocket if the lockdown period goes on longer than originally expected!


Your safety is important


The most important reason for this article and all of the tips given above is for your safety. Most people would love to pretend that nothing’s happening and continue awesome outdoor activities. But sadly, that’s not the case. So, these are some of the best ways to keep yourselves and others safe without having to totally give up on a vacation or even just a day out in New York’s beautiful scenery. Rest assured that once normality resumes and restrictions are over, AROro Adventures will be resuming activities , and they will be disinfecting on a regular basis – as well as having hand-sanitising stations throughout their facilities.


So, now you know what to think about before planning your outdoor adventure in New York…


For more information on awesome rafting and zip-lining packages in New York State, check out ARO Adventures. And remember, if you are showing symptoms of COV-19, stay at home. Your trip can wait as you should focus on getting back to full health and not passing it on to anyone else. The white-water rapids, aerial ropes, and stunning landscapes will all remain waiting for you when you’re better! Stay safe.

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