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Adventure Quiz: Spring Rafting, Is It Right For You?

a man in a raft on the water

Are you in need of a surge of adrenaline?

Do you take pride in overcoming your fears?

Do you consider an occasional swim wearing a wetsuit invigorating?

If your answer to all three is yes, then you are ready for the Hudson or Moose River in April and early May. Outside Magazine rated the Hudson as “One of the ten best spring whitewater trips in the country,” and the Moose is its wilder cousin.

This year the spring run off from the Adirondack High Peaks will be creating waves in the Hudson Gorge that resemble small mountains. While summer trips on the Hudson can provide excitement for the whole family, spring trips have a much higher minimum age, and are not for the faint of heart. We anticipate that there is enough snow in the High peaks to keep the river at “Adventure Class” from early April until the beginning of May. When my friends and family ask for a recommendation for the most exciting trip, I tell them to go on the Hudson in April or early May in April or early May when the river is high.

The Moose is a different type of river, with a series of ledges that the river drops over creating not only waves but some aggressive “holes” that you have to help power your raft through. While our Moose trips have some of the best whitewater guides in the country, they can’t do it alone, you need to be ready and able to paddle hard! The Moose is best for experienced rafters, and will be running until the end of April.

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