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Black River Rafting

Sunshine, Warm Water & Exciting Class IV Rapids!

Quick Details

Rafter Per person. Call for special pricing for large groups.
Private Raft for 3 or 4 people, $64 for each additional person. Maximum 8 people per raft
Weekday Discount Save $10/person

Adventure-Class Whitewater on the Black River

a group of people riding on a raft in the waterSummer sunshine, warm water, and exciting Class IV rapids; the combination was unknown in New York State until A.R.O. pioneered rafting trips in the Black River Gorge, located in the 1000 Islands region of NY. A reliable flow of water released from dams high in the Adirondack Mountains surges into the Black River Gorge, plunging over ledges and boulders. The narrow gorge constricts the water increasing its velocity and thereby magnifying the excitement! The result; the best stretch of summer whitewater in New York. You would have to travel to Maine or West Virginia to find anything comparable.

You will be challenged by 14 major sets of Class II-IV rapids including Hole Brothers, Knife’s Edge, Zig- Zag, and of course, the Cruncher. a group of people riding skis on a raft in the waterYou may choose to jump out of the boat for a more individual experience in the fast-moving but safe water of the “swimming rapids.” As you paddle through the beautiful Black River Gorge, waterfalls flow from the cliffs between the clinging trees and hanging vines. You may think you’re in a rainforest or even Jurassic Park (keep your eyes open for fossils; they’re everywhere). Is this really Northern New York? It’s so green, it’s so wild – it’s SO cool!

After the whitewater section the river calms down and the rafts are hooked together and towed by our powerboat. Complimentary Labatt Blue is provided to toast a successful day meeting the Gorge’s challenge.

WHY ARO! All trips are NOT created equal!

ARO runs ALL available rapids between Watertown and Dexter. Some companies start below the first two rapids.

ARO has a powerboat tow the you through the scenic lower gorge, some other companies miss the lower gorge and require you to carry the rafts up a steep bank and across a field to the road.

ARO provides complimentary Labatts on the tow, NO ONE ELSE DOES!

ARO is the most experienced company in NY and was the original outfitter on the Black with 33 years of great trips.