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Spring Rafting.. Let The Adventure Begin!

a man riding a wave on a raft in a body of water

For rafters who want “big” whitewater, spring begins early in the Adirondack Mountains. While the High Peaks region lies locked in winter’s icy grasp, the warm­ing trends of February and March will work on the moisture laden snows of the lower slopes. The softening spring snow begins to dwindle, creating millions of gallons of crystal clear run-off to fuel rafting fever. Tiny rivulets become rushing streams, which in turn feed boiling spring torrents. Surging rivers turn overnight into raging thunderheads, pounding down through the ancient gorges of the Adiron­dacks. It’s rafting paradise for those bold enough to tackle big water, and it is home ground for Adirondack River Outfitters. Inc.

ARO has had springtime operations on the Hudson and Moose, and Black Rivers, three of the best spring rafting rivers in the Northeast since 1981. Each season ARO introduces thousands to the wild exhilaration of rafting big-league whitewater on these two famous rivers. The Hudson and the Moose are the most popular spring trips in the Northeast, and the reasons are clear. As rafters become more experienced and adven­turesome they are capi­talizing on the bigger-than-life spring whitewater thrills. The accessibility of the Hudson and Moose rivers, combined with their challenge of heavy-duty waves and technical whitewater, make these trips natural choices for serious rafters.

Spring rafting with ARO is not tea with the Queen. It’s tough, cold, thrilling, reward­ing, and unpredictable. This is wilder­ness adventure class rafting, and this is what ARO does best There are risks involved, but ARO combines 35 years of experience, intense technical and medical training, licensed professional guides, and the best equipment in the world to minimize danger and maxi­mize enjoyment.

ARO has been meeting the springtime challenges of the Hudson and the Moose since 1979, and though the faces and the waves change, the scenario is always the same. ARO is poised with all the essentials: world class boats, safety equipment, paddles, Class V life vests, commercial quality helmets, full wetsuits, veteran guides, and heaps of hot, hearty food. Everybody in the company is eager to get out on the monster waves. That enthusiasm is matched by the anticipation of hundreds of rafters, veterans and newcom­ers alike, who venture out each week to wrestle the champion whitewater. Together, ARO guides and their teams of paddlers meet the impatient, relentless rivers, climbing and pitching over 10- foot wave trains and plummet­ing into hungry, churning holes. Whether battling the giant, cresting breakers of the Hudson, or testing the ultimate intensity of the Moose, spring­time rafting doesn’t get any better than this.

If you are up to the challenge, ARO has an unforgettable ex­perience in store for you. You can do it, and we’ll show you how. We stand by our reputa­tion as New York’s whitewater pioneers, ensuring you the fin­est whitewater adventure on and off the river. Beginning in April. ARO will launch a new 8-week spring season in the Adirondacks. We will continue to set the standard for eastern rafting.

For the stout of heart and strong of limb, ARO has its Moose River operations. We offer this high adven­ture, high intensity trip to ac­complished former customers’ and other experienced rafters who are ready for the ultimate spring challenge. ARO began on the Moose in 1979 and has been running successful trips there ever since.

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