ARO COVID Reopening Plan

Our COVID reopening plan

The NY State reopening plan has begun. If it continues on schedule we hope to resume rafting on June 26. For the safety of our guests and staff we have instituted some major changes.

• This summer we will only take reservations for a private raft.

 At this point in time we are not comfortable mixing groups within a raft. Therefore your household, or a group you are comfortable with, will have a guided private raft.
Online reservations are now available.  Our youth discounts of $10/youth on the Hudson and $8 on the Black, are only available at this time, by calling the office. If we are out please leave a message and we will get back to you shortly or at a time that you request.

We have instituted a set of health and safety protocols

To sanitize facilities and equipment
to minimize contact between groups.

We have identified two critical areas to minimize the potential to spread COVID 19 among our guests and staff.:  procedures to diminish contact and to maintain social distance between individuals from different groups*, and sanitary measures including disinfecting equipment and facilities

Procedures to diminish contagious contact:

  • Each raft will have only one group and a guide.
  • Distance will be maintained between groups at the base, put in, and on the river.
  • We will load the sanitized bus by groups, keeping an empty row of seats between groups.
  • Masks will be required on the bus. Masks can be stored in labeled bags for retrieval after the trip.
  • We will monitor employee health for fevers and respiratory symptoms, and if illness is suspected wWE will follow the CDC guidelines
  • If anyone in your group develops a fever or other symptoms of COVID, or is in contact with someone with COVID, please cancel or reschedule their trip
  • Guest’s temperature will be checked upon arrival

Sanitary Measures:

  • Our vehicles and rafts will be disinfected between uses.
  • Life jackets, wet suits, helmets, and paddles will be thoroughly disinfected.
  • All surfaces in our facility will be disinfected between uses, and regularly during use.
  • Hand washing and/or sanitizing stations will be available throughout the facility, on busses, and on rafts.

We ask that when you visit us you respect our procedures and policies for the safety of our guests and staff,

* What is a “group?”  That is something YOU define. It could be your household, or multiple households consisting of extended family or friends in regular contact. It could be people that are part of a larger work group or organization that already interacts together on a regular basis, and is comfortable being in contact with one another. You define the groups and we work to keep them separate.